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Entry #1

Inroduction of Punky

2009-08-01 09:29:29 by PunkyEmoDude

Hi everyone!PunkyEmoDude is just new here.And just doing some piece of crap here:3.

PunkyEmoDude's Bio:
Real Name:Punky
Country:Philippines(I'm Filipino,lol.)
Birthdate:Sercet!!(I'm 15,almost 16)
Type of attack:Personal Style(People said that "I'm useless",my move is "poops of crap",eww.)
Dislikes:To change my life,joining groups that are really stupid.
Sports:None(I'm weak of everything!!!)


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2009-08-01 09:30:55

Yeah,your stupid.Join our group still closed due to build it.

Group name:Team Sage